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Eben-Ezer Mission Inc. is an official NGO of Haiti.  Founded in 1969 by a small group of Haitian families, Eben-Ezer Mission's vision is to empower the Haitian people to rise out of poverty to live victorious Christian lives.  Led by Pastor Michel Morisset, who started the work at only 19 years of age, Eben-Ezer Mission is located on 5000 acres at The Savannah of Hope in Gonaives, Haiti.

With perseverance, these families have not only lived through the instability of the country of Haiti, but built a non profit work that was founded on determination, resilience, and dependence on God.  Their work focuses on education, job creation, health services, poverty relief, both short and long term, Christian education and church planting.

Pastor Michel Morisset; President of Eben-Ezer Mission

Eben-Ezer and secondary school education...

In 1972, Eben-Ezer saw great needs in the area of education.  The youth of Gonaives were unemployed and unable to attend school. Schools at that time stopped at the last two classes necessary for graduation.  So even if you could attend school, you could not receive a diploma.

Girls and boys did not attend school together. And there were less opportunities for girls. 
The schools were filled to capacity. Even if you could afford to pay the tuition, you still might not be accepted for lack of space.


The Catholic high school, which was the 3rd secondary school institution at that time, was in a similar situation. Its capacity was limited in numbers and they did not have the last classes which students needed to graduate. The only way to do so was to travel 2.5 hours to Port au Prince.


The Eben-Ezer High School started with 6 students and 5 teachers. The first year the school graduated  2 students with 5 teachers. In the second year, the number of students grew from 2 to 150 students. It was the first school in Gonaives to offer a complete high school education. And they accepted both boys and girls!


Today, there are 2000 students in that first school and hundreds of network schools offering thousands of children and youth a Christian education.


Check out our new academies!

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Eben-Ezer Mission includes:


350 churches have been planted and are in our network of churches in all ten departments of Haiti.


The Christian University of Haiti was the very first private university, established under great hardship and perseverance.  They offer accredited degrees in the medical field, pastoral studies, education, businees, agriculture and more.  Many students over the years have gone onto persue advanced degrees in the US and France after receiving a bachelor's degree at UCH.


Established in all ten departments of Haiti, these institutions are run by communities for the purpose of community development and micro lending. Under each credit union are local branches in each department totaling 24.


Raised in a family environment, Eben-Ezer has long been committed to foster care and was given an existing children's home when a missionary could no longer run it.  The 24 children there are from extreme circumstances, with no other care available to them. Ebenezer is committed to raising them trhough university.  The children's home is located on 15 acres at Ebenezer Mission.

- SCHOOLS (see description at left)



-THE EBEN-EZER HOSPITAL (known as the "People's Hospital" by the local community.)





A cross cultural program for study abroad.



Providing food with dignity and hope.
(See page two of this website)



Located on our property in Gonaives and used regularly by various private flight and missionary air services.


Eben-Ezer has all the licenses for port services; in development.


Eben-Ezer has a broadcasting license and a citizen journalism training program.

Haiti suffers because it finds it difficult to receive and utilize the aid it is given.  Everywhere in political, religious and other areas of life, we hear the same chorus. We tend to look at the world through sentimental eyes, crying for mercy and pity from the world. 

It is time for us to build a bridge from pity to success, utilizing our God-given talents, energy and intellect.  With that perspective, in 1980  Eben-Ezer Mission of Gonaïves, Haiti, gave birth to a branch of its ministry called STEM. Through the years, STEM has been given different names and its vision and structure has taken various forms and colors.

But STEM  today continues to pursue its only objective: to help God’s people develop their own identity and push them towards true enterpreneurship and partnership and a victorious life by connecting the trained and gifted to those who need their expertise.  We do this through churches and organizational partnerships throughout Haiti and abroad. This website will tell you about Eben-Ezer and our vision, programs and purpose.  Essentially, the people of God in Haiti are working together to not only survive but thrive, so that they will be able to live the victorious Christian life and rise above poverty to to take their God given place of leadership. Thank you for taking the time to visit us and we hope you will share our vision too.


-Donate items or give a financial gift.

-Visit us.

-Plan or Particpate in a Project.

-Sponsor a child's education for only $35 per month.

-Purchase food online for the children's home.

-Come teach someone a job skill or lead a conference.

-Buy a family a goat, pig or cow.

-Plan a fundraiser in your community.

-Host a student in your home.


How you can partner with us:
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Education, the highest catalyst

Education at Eben-Ezer is more than just taking classes.  Eben-Ezer emphasizes particiption, which takes form in debates, brain storming, mediation, sharing, and projects outside of the classroom. Each one in his turn becomes teacher and student, depending on whether one is talking or listening.  But everyone DOES.

A wide-spread thought in the Eben-Ezer community is: “Each life has a history; each story is a way through life”. This is a testimony of the respect devoted to one’s neighbor. Life at Eben-Ezer rests on these principles.


"Haiti will not       change            because of money or projects. Haiti will change when the hearts of its people change."

-Pastor Michel Morisset



Eben-Ezer Mission is sending equipped and empowered believers into the world to transform Haiti.


Life on an island can be like a prison.

Eben-Ezer continually looks for opportunities in the "outside" world, recognizing that exposure to what is happening out "there" educates and inspires.

Through its offices abroad, Eben-Ezer actively recruits partners in business for mentoring relationships and internships.

They continually promote exchanges between students,  teachers, ministry personnel and business professionals.

Individuals who have received their training in the institutions of Eben-Ezer Mission have moved out into the world and returned to mentor others.

From over ten geographical departments, they have returned home to Gonaives, and facilitated the creation and operation of networks in different sectors.  Because of this, Eben-Ezer has acquired a reputation for unifying and gathering people for integrated development.

In Gonaives and throughout Haiti, the Eben-Ezer model is being followed. Foreign universities continue to recommend our model of self sufficiency to their students as a subject for their papers and thesis.

We have a proud history at Eben-Ezer Mission.

Our next question is this:

What will be built upon it and who will partner with us?

Eben-Ezer Mission of Gonaïves – Haïti

Our motto: To create self-sufficiency through Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Partnership.


Our strategy: Education, Emergency and Long Term Aid, Health Services, Job Creation, Church Planting, Sustainable Development.


Expected results:  To change Haiti one person and one family at a time and to empower them to live out the gospel, contribute to society and live in freedom from poverty, in victory.


  • 1969 Eben-Ezer Mission was founded. The following is a list of Eben-Ezer's Ministries.

  • The Eben-Ezer Hospital, offering medical specialists, health education, health fairs, and mobile clinics.

  • The Christian University of Haiti, an accredited five year program, with degrees in pre-med, agriculture, pastoring, nursing, education, diplomatic services, engineering, etc.

  • The agricultural farm of The Savannah of Hope, the students work the farms as they learn, with solar powered irrigation, fenced gardens, animal husbandry, fish farming, chicken raising, etc.

  • The foundation of the Credit Union of the Christian Co-Ops of Haiti (CECUCCH) is one way individuals can support each other in creating small businesses. There are 22 credit union co-operatives across Haiti.

  • The Technical Services of Eben-Ezer Mission (STEM) was created to offer possibilities of internship to the Engineering students, and so on for students and faculty of UCH.

  • The Eben-Ezer Children's Home is home to 28 children who have come from extremely dire circumstance, abuse, abandonment or truly orphaned.  Eben-Ezer is commited to offering them a family environment which includes education through university and job training, so that not only will they have food and clothing, the will thrive in life.

  • The State of Haiti, after giving the operating license to each one of its entities, granted Eben-Ezer the status of a religious mission in 1976 and the status of NGO in 1986.

  • Education:  There are 103 affiliated primary schools with 24,000 students,  89 secondary schools with 55, 000 students, and 1 university with 60 students.  These schools employ hundreds of teachers.

  • Churches: Eben-Ezer Mission has planted more than 50 churches across Haiti, in every department.

Contact Us:



Savane de l’Espoir et de la Prospérité

(The Savannah of Hope)
Addresse: Gonaives HT 4110, Haiti


Pastor and President

Michel Morisset: 509.321.35746


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