The Christian University of Haiti

The goal of the University of Eben-Ezer Mission,

Gonaives is integrated development.

UCH is made up of the following 8 branches.

-The School of Agrigculture
-The School of Communication and     Computer Sciences
-The School of Education
-The School of Engineering and Architecture
-The School of Management and Administration
-The School of Music and the Arts
-The School of Health Sciences
-The School of Theology

UCH owns more than 300 acres of land in the Desolate Savannah.


Currently, the University operates  on the premises of Eben-Ezer Mission at the Savannah of Hope.


The Faculty of Nursing utilizes the Eben-Ezer Hospital for practicum and apprenticeship.


The number of students received as interns at UCH is limited. A request form is available to candidates at the UCH Social Services office.




UCH was founded in 1987

by a group of Haitian intellectuals supported by American, Canadian, French, Swiss, Belgian and other international university professors.


At The Christian University of Haiti, our programs aim to train a generation for Christ, who are gifted with autonomous thought, cultivatr a sense of responsibiliy, and from solid families representing the foundation for a new Haiti.  


At  UCH, credits and promotion of students are as follows: 1st year : 0 to 30 credits, 2nd year : 36 to 70 credits, 3rd year : 71 to 105 credits, 4th year : 105 to 140 credits .


Job opportunities are offered to the UCH students onsite.


UCH organizes religious activities, evangelization campaigns, on campus and sports activities.


Every student is placed under the mentorship of a member of the faculty or administrative staff. The role of the mentor is to exercise a good influence on their disciple in every area of life.


Each student meets with his or her mentor at least four times in the semester (about once a month). A student can choose his or her mentor.


A written request can be sent to the person in charge of administrative affairs.


The social services department is busy with all the entities of the University having to do with the outside world.  They put the students in contact with the immediate and the abroad communities.


Programs offered

at UCH

License in general Education
option: concentration on one subject
License in Secondary Education
Specialization in Mathematics
Specialization in Sciences
Specialization in Letters
License in primary Education
License in School Administration
Diploma in Christian Education
Certificate in Christian Education

License in pastoral Ministry
License in Judeo-Christian Culture
Diploma in Biblical knowledge

License in Computerized Management
License in Management and Administration
License in Accounting Sciences
Diploma in Computerized Administration
Diploma in Accounting Sciences

Economic Sciences
License in Economic Sciences

Nursing Sciences
License in Nursing
Diploma of Auxiliary Nurse

Civil Engineering
License in Civil Engineering
Diploma in Building Construction

License in Architecture

License in Agronomy
Diploma of Agricultural Technician

Music and Graphic Arts
License in Music and Graphic Arts

License in Law



The following organizations are a part of the UCH family under the umbrella of the students Deanship.


ILUCH: Institute of Languages of UCH
CCSD: Commercial Center of the Desolate Savannah
FOREGO: Youth Associations in Gonaives
COPUNICH: UCH Students Co-Op
UCCH: Union of the Christian Co-Ops in Haiti
UNHACH: National Union of Christian Businesspeople in Haiti
JEM: Youth With a Mission (YWAM)
UCH - AAE: Association of alumni of UCH


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