STEM is the technical branch of Ebenezer Mission international.

STEM maintains offices in the US, in Canada, in France, and in Switzerland. For needed technical support STEM joins hands with several foreign partners for the fulfillment of contracts on behalf of its clients.


The three main partners of STEM are FORUM (Foyer de Renaissance, Unité, Mobilisation), Bridges Multicultural Centers /USA,  CECUCCH (Credit Unions) of Haïti. All of these are involved in the integrated development of the country.  However, STEM is willing to work with every institution which has its focus on the people of Haïti and their future.




 STEM works in several fields and 

concentrates on seven areas

in particuliar:



   Managment and administration







It can be said that there are seven spheres of life, church communication, economics, family, politics, health, education and arts. STEM involves them all.  And those who work within STEM are as busy as bees in a bee hive.


CHURCH:                                                         COMMUNICATIONS:

Mission Eben-Ezer                                          MEDIA)

Leadeship training in Haïti                            Network & Internet

Churches                                                         Broadcasting/ Radio & T.V.


FAMILY:                                                            POLITICS:

Self-Supporting Families

Home Based Hostels


EDUCATION & HEALTH:                                ECONOMICS

Education 2004                                                 CECUCCH et son réseau

Université Chrétienne d’Haïti (UCH)               Community Financing

Technical Projects                                             Infrastructure Development: ports, airports, hotels

                                                                            CHATMA:  Shipping               


Art Associations                                                                                  


Cultural Exchanges





Education and Health


Communication (Media)


Economic Affairs


And international network of technicians and professionals



STEM's plan for decentralization in Gonaïves. Eben-Ezer's plan is to divide the city of Gonaïves into five areas (sectors).  In the past focus for job training and business creation has been on two.  Eben-Ezer has mobilized the leadership to focus on development in each of these areas. They  are also mobilizing and training youth to make an impact in each of these areas through project leadership, sports programs and service.

STEM collaborates with CHECCHI (legal assistance for the poor) in Gonaïves. This program has been very successful and has been extended to other communities within the Artibonite region. A legal fund is maintained to draw upon for representation of the poor who are imprisoned, sometimes falsely or are involved in property seizures or the victims of a crime.


STEM developed a mentoring program for the Haitian diaspora in the United States. Professionals within Haiti and guest professionals from other countries are partnered with students and entrepreneurs to offer training and mentoring in their area of study or business.  STEM also brings professionals into Haiti to offer conferences and hands on training.


STEM developed a program called "Hope Builders", which evolved into The Credit Union of Christian Cooperatives in Haiti.   CECUCCH's goal is to finance integrated development in Haiti. CECUCCH is the financial network of Haitian community.  Its members deposit their savings into the credit union which puts those funds to work on their behalf. Rather than putting money into a large bank who profits, they pool their resources into their own credit union and use the profits to start businesses.  Businesses who are given small business loans are chosen and approved of by their members.

There are 24 credit union branches across Haiti. This program has received international recognition and has been duplicated by other countries.


STEM conducted a study concerning the possibility of developing a community market in the Savannah of Hope in Gonaives, and its establishment is imminent.


STEM conducted an irrigation project in the area Mapour Lagon. (about 400 hectares)


STEM conducted a project of integrated formation with the goal to improve the profitability of the Haitian education system.  Within this project, STEM connects a total 716 teachers and educational directors and about  24,000 students within the communities of 89 schools in three local areas. (counties). STEM offers teacher training and conferences throughout the year, focusing on the needs of educators and school leadership.


STEM conducted a national health project for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. This project's focus was on educating mothers and young people.



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