The Eben-Ezer Mission also has a children's home in Gonaives which receives orphans from all over the country.  The children's home is a joyful place.

(Pictured above; children's home residents celebrating the fruit of their own garden project)


in Gonaïves

In 2018 more than 1600 students, from kindergarten through high school attend schools which provide, a quality education, in three locations alone.

The International Pilot School (EPI), situated in the Savannah of Hope, has 125 students in grades pre-K through 6, learning in the French educational system. They are taught Creole, French and English while learning various subjects. In Pacot there are almost 50 students, at Eben-Ezer College in town, approximately 1300 students attend in grades pre-k through high school.  Eben-Ezer is affiliated with 150 schools across Haiti.


The Christian University of Haiti (UCH), which is also a branch of Eben-Ezer Mission, has 8 branches: Agronomy, Medicine, Communication-Computer, Management-Administration, Education, Civil Engineering, Theology and Arts. New students go through a time of internship where they are integrated into campus life at the  compound at Savannah of Hope. They attend tuition free during the first year and in following year participate in work exchange program to pay for tuition and living expenses.

THE Mission

When Eben-Ezer came to what was then called,  "The Desolate Savannah" in Gonaives,
they changed its name to, "The Savannah of Hope", announcing abundance and prosperity. At the same time they began to bring projects which benefited the people. Known as "the people's pastor"  Michel has led the community and its residence to establish a hospital, schools, a university, agriculture, credit unions, mobile medical clinics, training and conferences, etc. making a real difference in the community and bringing hope to a place that used to inhabit voodoo, prostitution and murder.  


The Eben-Ezer of Gonaives

works in collaboration with several organizations including:
  • The Service for Mutual Aid in the Evangelical Churches  in Gonaives (SELEEG), composed of more than 120 community and school leaders in Gonaives
  • The Technical Service and Network of Eben-Ezer Mission (STEM)
  • The School Co-Ops of Haiti
  • USAID / Winner
  • The Training and Durable Development Center for the production of agricultural products in Savannah of Hope;
  • CODENOUH Foundation in France, of which the objective is to bring assistance to the reconstruction of Haiti in Education, Health, Culture and Economy.
  • The Chaplains who have their representatives in the United States, in France and in Dominican Republic.
  • Eben-Ezer USA, headquarters in Idaho, and Bellevue Community Church.



-Ways you can be involved :
Sponsor a student for $35 per month.

We do this anonymously because we have found that in the past that when one child has a sponsor and another doesn't, it encourages competition and favoritism among them.  This is at great cost to us, because many sponsors want personal contact.  But our priority is our children. And we don't want to undermine the family environment we seek to foster.  We are happy to update you on your child's welfare and even send pictures.  But we have made this decision for the benefit of our children.  We are finding other non profits are beginning to do the same for the same reasons.  Your gift sends a child to school and helps provide them with tuition, uniforms and book fees.


-Ways you can be involved :
Purchase 3 pigs, a goat or chickens for a one time gift of $50.00

We have several programs which help families out of poverty and do so with dignity and the participation of those benefited.  Children can save funds towards the "purchase" of a goat which he then raises to benefit his family.  Starting a small savings account with as little as 10 gourdes (less than .10 American, children bring their savings to school. When it reaches 1000 gourdes (about 18.00 American) that child has earned a goat, (the remaining amount is made up by a donor).  They receive their goat at a goat party at school.
Other received goats, pics or chickens as a small business loan.  Families raise animals they are given to benefit the family and to pay for school tuition, contributing future animals to the program.  In this way they have a small business, schools are funded and children are educated.

Eben-Ezer Mission offers mobile clinics, hospital health fairs, screening for malnutrition, high blood pressure and diabetes. In 2014, over 10,000 children participated in eye tests and glasses were distributed to those who need them.  Those with needs beyond the simple are referred to specialist for low cost or free care.

-Ways you can be involved:
Participate in a health fair.  You may be a person in the medical field or not. We need individuals to offer their expertise, or to lend a helping hand.  In 2018, we will offer health services to 2000 individuals with health fairs alone, in 3 communities. We will also be digging much needed latrines.  

Donate funds to helps us pay for kits to hand out, meals and supplies and materials. One 4 stall latrine cost $350.00 American. Each meal is 2.00 American.  When sanitation related diseases routinely kill small children, you could literally save lives by helping to build a latrine for only 350.00.


-Ways you can be involved :
Purchase 3 pigs, a goat or chickens for a one time gift of $50.00

Have an idea for a project?
Recently we planned a "princess" camp for girls who wanted to be leaders.  And American group of girl leaders came and lived for a week with a Haitian group of girl leaders. Together  they planned and led a day camp for younger girls, teaching them about self esteem, who they are as God's creation and also teaching volleyball.  It was a huge success!
This came out of a group that wanted to do something, discussions together, seeing needs and seeking to fill them.  YOU can make a difference, large or small. And we love to work together to make that happen.
Contact our project director at for more information.


-Have a skill you can teach?

A big need Haiti has is for knowledge.  Are you an electrician?  We need on to come help us figure out what to do to rewire our property and buildings.  What we need even more is someone to teach us to rewire as it is happening!  Do you play an instrument? Are you a teacher who wants to teachers? An engineer?  A gardening guru or a pastor?  
We can take your skill set and passion and turn that into a conference, a seminar or a one on one situation which will help not only change a circumstance but educate to make a lasting difference.  Contact our project director for more information.

90 % of your donation goes directly to your project.  

Eben-Ezer Mission is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. To donate hit the paypal link above.  
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