EBEN-EZER Hospital

Eben-Ezer Hospital Values Service.

Thanks to the support of the Eben-Ezer Mission churches, the patients feel like they are in a family as soon as they arrive. Spiritual counselors are at their disposal and at their bedside when needed.  


The whole Eben-Ezer team wishes welcome all to the Eben-Ezer Hospital, whether you come for a visit or to receive care.

Michel Morisset
Président de la Mission Eben-Ezer

This service communicates the soul of our health institution from the moment we greet our patients at the reception window, until they meet with a physician and are greeted at our pharmacy. An atmosphere of life is actively spread, from the moment our patients walk in the door throughout

their exam and treatment.


The Eben-Ezer Hospital seeks to give all of its patients a checkup at all levels, the spiritual, physical and psychological.


The Eben-Ezer Hospital is the health care center of the Christian family in Gonaives. It was founded by Christian leaders from different countries.

The Hospital is supported in human and material resources by universities

and health care centers from many different countries.


Eben-Ezer Hospital has a long and rich history. Born in 1983 as an outpatient clinic and dispensary, it was originally called "The Clinic of Miracles". Its activities were transferred to our current building in 1986.


Since then, the following services have been offered to the community:

-Outpatient consultations for adults, children and obstetrics.

-Hospitalization for children and adults
-Mobile clinics and Health Fairs
-School Health (health screening consultations and school insurance)
-Optometry (prescription and deliverance of glasses)

-Education (cholera, well baby care, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.)

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