Eben-Ezer Mission has a vision of integrated development. 

We want to take care of men and women in all areas of their lives,

physical, material, intellectual, social and spiritual. 


Charles Guillot spoke about taking " A Christian look encompassing the total man." 

With this is mind, the Church is considered the inspiration for all institutions and

education is the mother of all professions.


Combining these two thoughts, Eben-Ezer Mission's objective is to train “a generation for Christ” in Haiti, that will have an impact over the country and over the world.


Our vision is to demonstrate that God is omnipotent because He is sovereign over all and everything, and that He is omnipresent because His Kingdom has an influence over each domain of life.

We focus discipleship training in homes, each leader hosting at his or her home.   Youth are receiving Biblical and practical life skills training.  Our chief goal is to train and send youth. And our present leadership is already the first generation of fruit from this goal.


Eben-Ezer alumni are found at all levels of responsibility and walks of life, in both the local and national levels in Haiti.


Eben-Ezer cooperates with the big funding  NGO agencies such as World Food Organization (WPO), UNICEF, USAID, CIDA and others of smaller scale like the Education program “Education 2004”, CHECCHI for a legal assistance for poverty relief, and more recently with AmeriCares for an eye screening program for 10,000 students in the Gonaives region.  We also work with the Lions Clubs International and various churches , individuals and ministries in several countries.


Eben-Ezer does not discriminate on who it helps or does not help. All are able to apply for aid and the benefits of alliance with our organization.  Eben-Ezer is indigineous in its very foundation and effectively creates programs and veiws needs from this perspective.  Because of this, the benefits are long lasting. And the work has continued for almost 50 years.


If you believe in what Eben-Ezer is doing and would like to give to support the work. Please click the paypal donation button at the top of the page to use your credit card or paypal account.  Or contact:  Pastor Michel Morisset at 321.35746 or send an email to  We thank you for your prayers and donations.

Resources at the Eben-Ezer Mission Include:

Michel Morisset, Haïtien
Founder and President of the Eben-Ezer Mission
Project Designer and Leader

Dr Claire Chappuis, Française
Doctor of Medicine
Director of Project Development

Pétuel Raymond, Haïtien
Agronomist, International Relations Specialist

Gary Blair, American
Investor, Pilot

Bruce Johnson, American
Architect, Investor

José Gonzalez, Latino-American
Educational Science Specialist, Regent University

Josué Jean, Haïtien
Speaker, Pastor
Integrated Development

Richard T. West, American
Architect, City Planner

Etzer Zamor, Haïtienne-American
Business Manager

Joses Jean-Baptiste, Haïtien
Masters in Communications, Radio, and Television

Yanique Platel-Wesh, Haïtienne-American
Nursing, Technical Specialist


Through much sacrifice, they and many others have contributed to the Ebenezer we now see in Haiti. However, the Eben-Ezer Mission does not seek to shine for itself, but to shine for the sake of the gospel, that all may come to know Him and His glory.

He is the source of inspiration and we hope to serve as a model for other communities rely on the same source for power and victorious living.

Eben-Ezer Mission Staff:

Michel Morisset, Haïtien
Founder and President of the Eben-Ezer Mission
Project Designer and Leader


Pastor Josue Jean, Haïtien

Vice-President of the Eben-Ezer Mission

Pastor, Agriculture Specialist, Project Leader

Brizard Valcine, Haïtien

Directeur Eben-Ezer Ecole; UCH

Dr Claire Chappuis, Française

Doctor of Medicine
Education Leader

Pastor Tad Walton, American
Eben-Ezer Operations Management

Director of Computer Systems

UCH Faculty

Janis Walton, American
Eben-Ezer Director of Special Projects

UCH Faculty


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